New York Times Best Sellers List (Today)

I have to say, I don’t normally pay any attention at all to best sellers lists, recommendations, reviews, etc. when it comes to books.  I like what I like.  I’m not ashamed to say I prefer children’s and juvenile literature to anything in the “adult” category.  I DO judge a book by its cover.  Sometimes I pick an author and read everything he or she has ever written (John Green, Roald Dahl, Daniel Handler/Lemony Snicket).  I love reading a book right before the movie comes out, no matter how lame the book or the movie (Warm Bodies, the entire Twilight series, The Descendants).  I happen to really like zombie romance novels, and the thought of reading Fifty Shades of Gray embarrasses me.

When I think of the NY Times Best Sellers list, I think of The Notebook.  (I literally threw that book in a train while traveling in Europe, and the only regret is that the window was closed.)  I think of the books about that girl that did stuff with hornets and dragons and they made a movie about her and she looked all goth… I couldn’t make it past page 50.  I think of The Help.  Actually, that was a pretty good book.  In most cases, I don’t think of books that would interest me, that’s for sure.


Have you seen the NY Times Best Sellers in juvenile fiction (my favorite category, and yes, I realize I’m almost 35) for this week?

  1. The Fault in Our Stars (John Green)  Finished this a month ago- my first John Green!
  2. The Book Thief (Markus Zusak)  First on my summer reading list.
  3. Looking for Alaska (John Green) Will be reading/listening to this.  *almost done!
  4. Paper Towns (John Green) Currently listening to this via audiobook.  Check!
  5. Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children (Ransom Riggs)  See earlier post from today.
  6. 13 Reasons Why (Jay Asher) Blech… suicide… can’t do it.
  7. Eleanor and Park (Rainbow Rowell) Interesting cover… might have to check it out.
  8. Sea of Shadows (Kelley Armstrong) Lost me at “battling monsters.”
  9. Hollow City (Ransom Riggs)  Will be starting this tomorrow. *In progress
  10. An Abundance of Katherines (John Green) Will be reading/listening to this.

I didn’t expect to recognize, much less have already read, several of the titles. I skimmed the middle grades list.  I didn’t know them all, but I recognized a few of the titles.

Maybe the NY Times knows their stuff after all.


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