Drama (paperback)

by Raina Telgemeier

AR Level 2.3, 1 point


This is the second Telgemeier graphic novel I have read, and it was a very quick read!  Like less than an hour quick.  Drama follows a girl named Callie.  And also, drama follows Callie!  Callie, a seventh grader, is the set designer for her junior high drama club.  She likes a boy, but he has a girlfriend.  He kisses her one day after a fight with his girlfriend, but his younger brother, who has a crush on Callie, find out and treats her badly all year.  Then she meets twins, one of which is out of the closet, and the other who claims not to be gay.  Lots of boy-girl drama in this story!  It was a little hard to keep some of the characters straight.

What I liked about this book was that it touched on the topic of homosexuality and being unsure of other people.  I haven’t read any children’s literature that talked about that, although I’m sure it’s out there.  The characters were all accepting and their reactions were realistic.  I’m sure in reality, there will be students who are homophobic or make fun of their peers who are gay, but that did not take place in this book.  I liked that, because the topic was written about in an accepting tone where it made being gay a non-issue.

What I didn’t like about this book was the drama for a seventh grader!  Maybe I’m a prude, but since when did 7th and 8th graders go around making out with people?  I had my first kiss in seventh grade, and it was a peck during Truth or Dare.  I didn’t actually make out with anyone until the summer before high school, and it wasn’t as natural as the book made it seem.  I don’t think students should feel pressured to kiss someone or have a boyfriend, but I also think that could just be the age.  I remember wanting a boyfriend in seventh grade, but I also still played with Barbies.

Anyway, good book.  I hope it makes young people feel more comfortable with who they are, and realize being gay is part of a person’s identity, and not a disease or disability.

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