because of mr. terupt


because of mr. terupt (paperback)

by Rob Buyea

AR Level 3.7, 5 points

As a teacher, I enjoy reading books from a student’s point of view.  I like to read about what my students may or may not be thinking and how they react to different situations.  This book is written from the perspective of 7 different students in Mr. Terupt’s fifth grade class.  I’m not sure how accurate the writing is to an actual fifth grader’s though process, but if it is even remotely similar, it makes my job more important and crucial to the development of young minds than I currently think, and that is a responsibility that I need to take more seriously.

Mr. Terupt is a new teacher, and we know little about him.  He wrestled, he has not family or pictures on his desk or wedding ring, and he gives his students more respect and responsibility for their actions than he should.  Mr. Terupt teaches his class about life and relationships, and self-esteem and self-control, while math and reading come second.  In turn, he gains the respect and love of his class.  We also learn about what is going on in his 7 students’ lives that affect the way they react to Mr. Terupt’s life lessons.  When an accident happens on the playground, Mr. Terupt’s influence on the students shines through loud and clear, and they are forced to make choices I can only hope my students don’t have to make.

What I liked about this book was that it showed the influence a teacher can have in his or her students’ lives.  We don’t always know what is going on at home, and there is clearly much more than meets the eye.  Whether Mr. Terupt knew about their home lives or not, he taught them life skills that I hope to also teach my own students.  Being a teacher is an important and influential job that I need to take seriously.  I hope that someday my students can look back and see that I cared about them the way Mr. Terupt cared for his class.

What I didn’t like about this book was that we never learned about Mr. Terupt’s background.  I think a teacher’s upbringing and education plays an important part in how he or she sees the job of teaching.  Plus, the students hinted that he had no family, not pictures on his desk, and no wedding ring.  What was Mr. Terupt’s story???  I guess I will just have to buy Mr. Terupt Falls Again, which is like part 2 (electric bugaloo) of the Terupt saga.

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