Gone Girl


Gone Girl (Kindle)

by Gillian Flynn

AR Level 5.6, 23 points

I decided to read a grown up book.  I guess adding in a little adult content can’t hurt, especially after feeling like a perv while reading young adult (when the teenagers make out and talk about having sex in juvenile fiction, it just feels inappropriate).  It is absolutely adult fiction.  I would not recommend this to any of my students.  It might even be a little off-putting for someone not married, because while it is a suspenseful “thriller” and being made into a movie (can’t go wrong with Ben Affleck), it dwells on the low points of marriage and doesn’t shine a very bright light on being a wife or husband.

The story follows two characters: Nick and Amy are writers living in New York with drastically different backgrounds and upbringings.  Nick was born in Missouri along the river and lived with an emotionally abusive/distant father and a clingy mother, along with his twin sister.  He meets Amy, a native New Yorker, and the real-life “Amazing Amy” that her parents modeled their book series after.  Both lose their jobs and have to move back to Missouri where Nick’s dad is suffering from dementia and his mom is dying of cancer.  Their marriage starts to go south right away, and I just can’t tell you anymore from there… it’s definitely a good read, as long as we don’t mention the ending.

What I liked about this book was the points of view the story was told.  We read it from Nick’s point of view, and multiple viewpoints of Amy.  I also like a book that will make me read 75% of it in one weekend when I have a million other pressing things to do.  I read at a birthday party, at the mall, in the car, while my kids took a bath, and any other time I was able to get a few minutes in.  I finished it in the parking lot of a Macaroni Grill, and scared passersby when I got to the ending…

What I didn’t like about this book was… the worst.  Ending.  Ever.  I guess I can’t really say that.  It was clever, but it really annoyed me.  I’d rather the wrong person win than a total non-ending.  I just wasn’t satisfied.  It begs the question… what makes a good ending?  Is it and ending that produces the results you want, or that it produces an emotional reaction?  It frustrates me when the book is awesome, and then it was a dissatisfying ending.

Book 26 of 52 (half way there!!!)


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