A Snicker of Magic


A Snicker of Magic (paperback)

by Natalie Lloyd

AR Level 4.7, 10 points

Who has grown up suffering (or benefiting from) the consequences of your parents or ancestors?  Whether they are positive or negative consequences, it is often hard to make sense of the cards you’re given.  Flea (Felicity) lives with her mother, whom she loves very dearly, and her little sister.  Felicity’s mom is a wanderer.  She just can’t stay in once place, and Felicity and her sister are driven from town to town in their car, the Jalapeno Pickle.  Now in sixth grade, Felicity wants to settle in one town.  She has a best friend and she’s entered herself in a duel in a last effort to keep her mom in one town.  However, she has also discovered that the magic in the town is real, and she is a lot more connected to it than she thinks.

What I liked about this book was the play on language.  So many words!  Felicity is a word collector, and she will snatch them from the air and build poems on the spot.  I love that.  At first I thought they were metaphorical words, but after reading A Mango-Shaped Space, I’m not so sure.  The author worked word-collecting into the story, and I actually felt smarter after reading this story.

What I didn’t like about this book was that it was a little slow at times.  I’d put it down for a few days here and there, and I normally don’t do that.  I finally decided I wanted to just get through it, and I finished it late last night.  I think it got slow because there was so much going on, from Felicity’s feelings to her Uncle Boone’s failed career to Aunt Cleo’s love life to her cute friend, the Beedle, in the wheelchair.  There was also a storyline from the past.  Lots and lots of characters with their own personalities and problems- do not read this when you’re sleepy!

Book 47 of 52


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