I Am Malala (Young Readers Edition)


I Am Malala (hardcover)

by Malala Yousafzai

AR Level 5.9, 7 points

My 52nd book in 52 weeks!  It was a good one, too.  It is also my first non-fiction book in this challenge.  This is the story of Malala, the young Pakistani girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban.  I remember hearing about her in the news, but I did not pay much attention, other than she was shot in the head in a bus, and it was education-related.  After reading this book, I can see why she won the Nobel Peace Prize.  She is so young, only 18, and she is a brave, intelligent role model for young women all over the world.  With all of the negativity about Muslims and Islam, I am happy to read about a practicing Muslim and what they believe.  If the entire world just heard about the nutty Christians in America, I’d want to get my message out there, too.  But that’s not what Malala was trying to say through this autobiography… She was pushing a message of education for all boys and girls, and I hope that students see the value and the privilege of their education.

What I liked about this book was, of course, the main message: education is a right.  I picked this book up, because it is another mandatory read for my husband’s school.  That means every high school student at his school is expected to read this book and discuss it throughout the year, relating it to all of their subject areas.  I can’t help him out by connecting it to math, but certainly the message of education is there, regardless of what subject he teaches!

What I didn’t like about this book was that it didn’t give as much of a background on the war that some of our younger students may need.  Most of my students were born in about 2003, so they may not be familiar with the war.  A little background may be helpful.  However, there is a detailed timeline in the back.  I didn’t really dislike anything.  🙂

Book 52 of 52!!!  Woo hoo!

For my next challenge, I will lower my expectation to only 40 books.  I want to be sure to enjoy what I’m reading and not worry about reading short books to up my count, or bypass good books due to time.  My goal was to fall in love with reading all over again, and I have definitely accomplished that.  I already have a great list of books to get started on.  Thank you for reading!


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