Maybe Someday


Maybe Someday

by Colleen Hoover

Not a children’s book


This is not my typical reading.  I’m not big on sappy romance novels, but I borrowed the book at the suggestion of a friend who talked me into 50 Shades and Room, both of which (I hate to admit) I enjoyed.  Maybe Someday was a whimsical read.  I wasn’t committed to the characters and I’m not really wondering what happened after the novel.  Normally, that would indicate I didn’t really enjoy it, but I read it in 4 days (Thanksgiving week… I had a lot do do!).

Maybe Someday is told from the dual perspectives of Ridge and Sydney, two people in their early twenties.  We learn early on that Sydney recently goes through a break up, and she is welcomed into Ridge’s apartment.  They instantly make a connection through music.  Ridge writes the music while Sydney writes the lyrics.  They form a relationship and a bond that creates friction in their lives, but they are determined to remain friends.

What I liked about this book was that I needed something light and fun for my week off, and this is definitely it.  I wasn’t attached to the characters, but I wanted happiness for both of them.  The writing wasn’t spectacular (though I’ve been told the addition of the soundtrack is a bonus), but I felt compelled to finish and see it through.

What I didn’t like about this book was the part at the end where I wanted to barf from how lovey dovey sappy disgusting it was.  It was like 50 Shades meets The Notebook.  People cry after sex and can’t live without one another and their hands all fit perfectly as though they were made for each other.  Oh my gosh.  I love my husband, but if I ever think it’s sexy to write all over my body with a pen, please stab me in the eye with it.

Would I read it again?  Probably not.  But it served its purpose of entertaining me!


Book 23 of 40 (year 2)


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