Fortunately, the Milk


Fortunately, the Milk (paperback)

by Neil Gaiman

AR Level 4.3, 1 point


Fortunately, the Milk tells the story of a forgetful father who is put in charge of his two children while his wife is on a business trip, and he has to go get milk for his children’s cereal and his tea, but he takes a long time to go to the corner and pick it up.  He is called out by his children for taking so long, so he tells what happened… he was in a hot air balloon with a stegosaurus and they went on a long adventure that included an angry volcano and aliens.  When he finishes his story, the children notice various clues in the kitchen that may be their father’s inspiration for his story.

What I liked about this book was that it was funny.  There were things in the story that might pass over the heads of the children reading it.  I enjoy Gaiman’s sarcasm and wit, and I wonder sometimes if his children’s books are really for children, or the child inside of a grown up.

What I didn’t like about this book… Well, this was a cute story that I had a hard time getting into.  I wish I had appreciated it more.  Maybe I was just really tired each time I sat down to read it.  It was one of those that should have taken me 45 minutes to read, but instead, I finished it after a week.  There was a lot going on, and I couldn’t relate to the characters, but it was one of those books where you don’t really have to.  It just didn’t grab me.


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