One for the Murphys


One for the Murphys (paperback)

by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

AR Level 3.4, 6 points


You’ve likely heard of children being put into foster care, or read books about foster kids, but have you read a book told from one of those kids’ perspectives?  One for the Murphys is told by Carley, a girl who recently left the hospital after her mother helped her step dad put her into the hospital.  Her mother was also in rough shape in the hospital, so Carley was put into the Murphys’ home, where she experienced a life she’d never dreamed possible.  Mrs. Murphy is a stay at home mom with 3 sons, and her husband is a fire fighter.  Carley expectedly has a hard time accepting Mrs. Murphy’s kindness and affection, and puts up a fight.  However, they win each other over and Carley faces the fact that she may have to return to her mother and leave this life behind.

What I liked about this book was that it told a story we don’t normally here.  I’ve had foster children in my class as students, and I heard bits and pieces of their stories, but this tells it up close and personal.  It’s devastating for the child, and often devastating for the foster and birth families involved.  I know that not every child is as lucky as Carley was to have such a loving and welcoming family, but I hope this gives an insight for young readers that there are people who just need extra love sometimes.  We don’t know where others are coming from.

What I didn’t like about this book was the end.  It wasn’t a super happy story, so I shouldn’t have expected a happy ending, but the end wasn’t what I wanted to happen.  However, I also know it is reality, based on what’s been on the news and what I’ve read in the past.  Just don’t read it if you expect a fairy tale ending.

Book 2 of 10 (summer reading goal)


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