A List of Cages


A List of Cages (ebook)

by Robin Roe


I procrastinated so long on this blog for A List of Cages, I don’t even remember all of the characters’ names!  It isn’t that it wasn’t an amazing book (I finished it pretty quickly), I just got caught up in other books, and never bothered to blog about them.  Sitting down 7 books later, I’m totally stuck, so I apologize for the sucky post on an amazing book.

Adam is a senior with ADHD who has signed up for the greatest class ever- he gets to help the school psychologist for credit.  He ends up picking up a freshman named Julian and bringing him to appointments with the school psychologist.  We learn Julian is an orphan sent to live with his uncle by marriage, but Julian and Adam know each other.  When Julian’s parents died in a car accident, he was sent to live with Adam and his mother, a social worker, and it was hard on all everyone when he was taken away from them.  What Adam doesn’t realize is that Julian’s uncle is physically and emotionally abusive, and Julian is a shell of a person, afraid of everything and behind academically.  He is bullied and cannot stand up for himself, so Adam takes it upon himself to save him.

What I liked about this book was the points of view.  I enjoy books that flip back and forth so we can see things from different perspectives.  I liked Adam’s character. We all need an Adam who is willing to fight for us.

What I didn’t like about this book was the abuse.  It is hard for me as a teacher, a mother, and a survivor of emotional abuse, to read about a child being treated as Julian was.  What I experienced was nothing even near what Julian went through, but the fear and guilt and not being able to keep a friend rang true.  However, even I wanted to kill his uncle.

Book 51 of 40 (40 Book Challenge)


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