The Creativity Project


The Creativity Project: An Awesometastic Story Collection (hardcover)

Edited by Colby Sharp


The Creativity Project is a fun anthology of short stories, comics, poems, illustrations, photographs, and prompts that were inspired by, and continue to inspire, creativity.  Various authors came up with two prompts (intros to stories, prompts, pictures, etc.), and these prompts were sent to different authors.  The author then chose between the two prompts.  One, he or she responded to, and the other is in the back of the book for the reader to respond to or use with students.

I read the first few stories on Tuesday night when I received the book (preorder, of course).  I finished one by Grace Lin, then gasped and made my husband read it.  The next morning, my friend (a fellow bibliophile) read it, and ordered the book.  That day, I read the prompt to my sixth graders and had them write. One wrote a poem, one a comic, one a list, and so on.  We shared ideas, explained what we thought, and then I read the story aloud.  Jaws on the table.  They were impressed, and asked if we could pause our other read aloud and make this our new one.

What I liked about this book was that it’s engaging for everyone, it screams creativity (and not just because it’s literally called The Creativity Project), and it was really hard to put down.  It is a nightstand book when you’re too tired to get into your regular book, and class read aloud for the 3 minutes before the bell rings.  It is a writing assignment, a warm up, and a motivational tool.  It’s a discussion starter.  A Google Classroom discussion topic (“What was up with Dav Pilkey’s story?!”).  I swear, I deserve commission, because at least 4 people bought this book on Wednesday when I brought it to school (are you reading this, Colby Sharp?).  My principal walked around asking who wanted one, because she was on Amazon buying her own copy that moment.  So yes, you there was a lot to like about this book, and it can’t be simplified to one particular story, element, or reason.  It’s in the title (An Awesometastic Story Collection), in the vast list of notable authors who participated, and the premise of the book.

What I didn’t like about this book… there was one story I attempted twice and couldn’t get into.  I assumed I was tired the first time, but I was lost the second time, so I’m saving it for another day.

Book 56 of 40

(Book 22  of 2018)


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