Far From the Tree


Far From the Tree (audiobook)

by Robin Benway


I listened to the audiobook of Far From the Tree and it was 9 files, which is about 11ish hours.  I finished in 2-3 days.  Normal 6 file audiobooks normally take me at least a week.  I just couldn’t stop listening!  If you are a fan of the show This is Us, this book will give you the same feelings.  Feelings like you want to cry (but you’re not depressed), root for the characters (like they’re real people), and shake them when they’re being dumb.

This story follows three characters, who all happen to share a birth mom, but have different dads.  The youngest is Maya, and a lesbian who was adopted at birth by parents who are having marital problems.  Grace is the middle child, and she recently gave a baby up for adoption after her boyfriend dumped her and his parents shamed her.  Joaquin is nearly 18, and he has been in 17 foster homes and is ready to say no to being adopted by his currently foster family.  The three meet and realize that family isn’t just who you’re biologically related to, nor who you live with.  Family can take many different shapes.

What I liked about this book was pretty much everything.  I loved the witty dialogue and banter, the way the author made me really care about each character, and how I didn’t want it to end.  I wanted more of Grace and Peach, more of Maya’s struggle to find peace with herself, and Joaquin’s transition into a stable family.  I did not want the story to end, but I thought Benway did a great job at closing each person’s storyline to give them a future, and us hope that they would be okay.

What I didn’t like about this book was the emotion that it made me feel.  I don’t like to cry, especially not sitting in the parking lot of the nail salon, because I don’t want to stop listening to get my nails done (something I do so rarely, anyway).  I neglected all of my responsibilities to listen to the story instead.

Book 62 of 40

(Book 28 of 2018)


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