I have always loved reading, but I realized a few years ago that I wasn’t reading nearly as much as I would’ve liked.  My excuse was that I was a busy teacher, mother, and wife, but really, I wasn’t making my reading life a priority.  I set out to challenge myself to read more, and started this blog to hold me accountable.  Now, it is just a habit to blog after I finish a book, and I know I have a few friends who actually read for recommendations.

I set my goals by school year, not calendar year.

Annual Goals:

2019 goal: read as many books published in 2019 as possible!

2018 goal: 100 books – Met

Summer 2018: 20 books

2017-2018: 40 book challenge – Met with 80 books

Summer 2017: 10 books (not a real goal- I just want to enjoy reading)

2016-2017: 40 book challenge – Met with 61 books!

Summer 2016: 10 books – Met

2015-2016: 40 books – Met

2014-2015: 52 books – Met

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