Amulet Series


Amulet Series (paperback)

by Kazu Kibuishi


Amulet is about a girl named Emily who discovers a mysterious secret about herself and her grandfather when her mom and brother are kidnapped by a mysterious creature.  She sets out to save them and discovers a world she’s never imagined.

What I liked about this series is how incredibly engaging it is for my students.  They love it, and can’t get enough of it.  I respect that.  Any series that gets my students to read is golden in my book.  I preordered the most recent book and there were fights over who got it next.

What I didn’t like about this series… It’s not that I didn’t like it.  I can see the merit behind it, the skill and natural talent for storytelling and imagination the author has, and why is is so acclaimed.  It just wasn’t for me.  It’s like so many singers out there.  They have awesome voices and amazing skill, but I just don’t care for their music.  This is a wonderful series for basically everyone out there, and I am looking forward to seeing how the series will end in book 9, but I am not holding my breath or fangirling over it.


Book 92 of 2018 (#1)

Book 93 of 2018 (#2)

Book 95 of 2018 (#3)

Book 96 of 2018 (#4)

Book 97 of 2018 (#5)

Book 98 of 2018 (#6)

Book 99 of 2018 (#7)

Book 100 of 2018 (#8)


100 books in 2018!  I met my goal!  Hooray!  And yes, in the final 2 hours of 2018, because I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t a procrastinator.