What Light


What Light (audiobook)

by Jay Asher

AR Level 4.5, 9 points


What Light is about a girl named Sierra who lives in Oregon on her family’s Christmas tree farm, but travels south to California for a month to sell the trees with her family.  She is torn between spending December with her best friends in Oregon, and her friend in California.  Sierra tries not to get attached to a cute boy named Caleb, especially with the rumors floating around about him, but they soon meet and spend time together, and being teenagers, they fall for each other quickly.  Sierra also has to come to terms with the rumors about Caleb.  Now that Sierra has broken her rule about falling for someone she will only see one month out of the year, she has to decided whether they should continue their relationship.

What I liked about this book was that it was light, and it didn’t make me think too hard during the summer.  It is a Christmas-themed book, but good summer reading.

What I didn’t like about this book… I was disappointed.  I remember 13 Reasons Why as being powerful, emotional, and engaging (I mean there’s a series based on the book!).  I had higher expectations.  This wasn’t anything super special.  I was waiting for a climax that never happened.

Book 8 of summer 2017!